GizzagigThose Unfortunates are a fourpiece who write songs that aim for the wit and warmth of The Kinks and Television Personalities.
They are self-deprecating, for the most part, and self-contained. They sound harder than they sound.

Their first single, “Arthur Lowe” is a nonsense song about the comic character actor, Arthur Lowe. It bolts off at a hundred miles an hour, looting gleefully from the best bits of Buzzcocks’ Boredom, The Owl and The Pussycat and Noel Coward, before it arrives, gears grinding, at a premature conclusion. A nod and a wink, and it’s gone.

Their second single, “I wish that I could smile like Malcolm” is a riotous tribute to “If…” and “O Lucky Man” actor McDowell,  released on his birthday, 13th June.

Their third single, “Those Unfortunates We Are”, is a riotous tribute to themselves. They released “Smiley”, a free download single, on Christmas Day 2016, and their debut album, “Nothing Isn’t Beautiful” will follow in 2017.

Those Unfortunates have received airplay on BBC 6 Music from several DJs, including Gideon Coe and Steve Lamacq; with Tom Robinson describing them as ‘daft and irresistible… [with] the lightness of touch and complete assurance found among all genuine Great British Eccentrics.’

wa logoWalk Upright write timeless, tousled, pop music that touches on the ire of Mclusky, the Hammond-organ hookiness of Attractions-era Costello, and Pavement’s sense of mischief, but maintains an emotional directness that’s unmistakably their own.

“No Control” is one man’s howl of frustration, an accidental riposte to hollow state-of-the-nation punk-rock posturing, played out over two-and-a-half-minutes of squally glam-soul. London burns on a television screen, effigies topple into the sea, and a man slumps on a sofa, rendered inert by his own demons, watching his frustrations bubble over.

This isn’t a paean to prescription drugs, nor a conventional call to arms: it’s more complicated than that, more honest, and umpteen times more exciting.

This is Walk Upright’s debut release, but in preparation they have co-promoted a regular night – Life at the Top – with Those Unfortunates, and performed in East Germany, East Lancashire and London (all four corners).

East London based record label